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Hi, I Am latasha

Disability Inclusion Advocate

I HELP families of children with disabilities take OWNERSHIP of their children's future through PRACTICAL PARENTING to produce EXCEPTIONAL results.


Do you feel lost and uncertain about how to help your child with disabilities reach their full potential?

Have you felt unsupported by teachers and extended family members?

Do you find yourself feeling isolated from friends and family who cannot relate to your unique circumstances?

Are you struggling with managing your child's challenging behaviors?

Are you struggling to navigate the complex world of parenting and advocate for your child?

I have experienced all of the above and I understand exactly where you are!

Ready to take charge of your child's future? With my H.O.P.E. format, you can establish a solid foundation for parenting and education that empowers your child to reach their full potential. Get started today by signing up for my coaching sessions, where you'll learn practical strategies and techniques for creating a parenting plan and education plan that works for you and your family.

Join now and take the first step towards a brighter future for your child.

Can’t wait for the next group session?

Work with me now one-on-one. I need help NOW

How It Started

As a mom of two sons with disabilities, there was a season in our lives when I was desperate for help and support, and just like you, I needed solutions that worked! I began journaling everything about our processes. I kept notes, assessed my children's growth, created routines, behavior plans, and more. I also made changes and restarted my process when needed. That's when I realized there was a method to my madness—an actual systematic approach to what I was doing and that the process was working. My children were experiencing significant growth that could be measured and noticed by teachers and therapists.


I had a friend connect me with another parent experiencing some parenting challenges with her disabled child. As she and I spoke, I wondered if what I was doing with my children would benefit her. So I shared my process. I shared what I was doing and how I was doing it. I explained my parenting and education plan for each of my boys, and she said, "great, how do I start working with you to develop my own plans"? Her question helped me think about how I could turn my processes into a teachable strategy to give other families HOPE and support. This process would eventually become my signature H.O.P.E. Plan.


How it is Going

For the past nine years, I have worked with families in various capacities to assist them in finding real solutions to their problems. Through my education and experiences, I have been able to make a positive impact in our local community via Cam's Coffee Co., where we empower and employ individuals with disabilities while also providing job training for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities.

My fundamental belief is that there is a path to success for every child and their family. My aim is to provide you with the best tools, resources, and support needed to navigate this journey successfully.

Cam’s Coffee Co.

Cam's Coffee Co is a social enterprise that was created by Latasha Lewis and her son Cam, who is impacted by a traumatic brain injury. Latasha developed a series of process to help him thrive. The result was Cam's Coffee Co, which started as a small hobby but has since grown into a community that empowers and employs individuals with disabilities.


Cam's Coffee Co offers a variety of products, including coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and coffee-based skincare products, all with a message of inclusion and empowerment. As the company grew, it evolved to include a supportive employment program for individuals with disabilities and job skills training for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities from the local school system.


Through Cam's Coffee Co, Latasha and her team have been able to promote awareness, acceptance, and understanding of disabilities, while creating a more inclusive and equitable world. The success of Cam's Coffee Co is a testament to the resilience of individuals with disabilities and the power of community support. #ImWithCam

Let's work together to create the solutions you need!

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