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Connecting with Latasha Barr Lewis 1-on-1 allows you to get personalized support and guidance for your specific needs. The free 30-minute session provides an opportunity to discuss any pressing concerns you may have, and to establish a foundation for moving forward. Whether you need clarity on a particular issue or are looking for practical solutions to implement right away, Latasha can provide the answers and support you need. Through her systematic and evidence-based coaching process, Latasha can help you achieve practical benefits based on your family circumstances, culture, values, and goals.

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We can utilize our time together in any manner that best fits your needs. No topic is off limits.

The "Who is this for" section is for parents, caregivers, and advocates of children with disabilities looking for guidance, support, and practical solutions to help their children thrive. Whether you are dealing with a recent diagnosis or have been on this journey for a while, this section is designed to help you navigate the circumstances of raising a child with disabilities. It is for those looking for a connection through a lens of experience and understanding their unique needs, and for those ready to take ownership of their child's future through practical parenting and education planning. I support individuals of all ages and a variety of diagnoses, including but not limited to autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, and emotional and behavioral disorders. Regardless of age or diagnosis, I am committed to providing personalized support and guidance to help families navigate life and achieve their goals.

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One-on-One Sessions

During our one-on-one consulting sessions, we will work together to create a customized plan that is tailored specifically to your unique family circumstances, taking into account factors such as culture, values, religion, and social situations. Using systematic and evidence-based practices, we will help you achieve practical benefits that align with your personal goals. Through step-by-step objectives, we will focus on enhancing your self-awareness, parenting skills, coping skills, and communication, allowing you to navigate the challenges of raising a child with disabilities with confidence and clarity.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Raising children with disabilities can be a challenging journey, and it's normal to feel overwhelmed and uncertain at times. That's why I offer a free consultation to provide support and resources to help parents make informed decisions about their child's care and education. Whether you have questions about behavior, therapy, or education, I'm here to listen and provide guidance based on your unique situation. Let's work together to develop a plan that meets your child's needs and helps you achieve your parenting goals.

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