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We can utilize our time together in any manner that best fits your needs. No topic is off limits.

My goal for our session is for you to be empowered with new tools, information or skills that build on your strengths and core values, and complement your unique family dynamic. Because every family is different, I take the time to understand the topics you wish to address and any contributing factors. We can focus on any pressing issues, discuss creating a parenting plan or education plan, or explore long term support options. Book Your Call Today!

One-on-One Sessions

One-on-one coaching sessions are guided by systematic and evidence-based practices to help you achieve practical benefits based on your family circumstances (your culture, values, religion, social situations, etc) and your goals. The coaching process uses step-by-step objectives focusing on self-awareness, parenting skills, coping skills, and communication. 

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Raising children with disabilities can present unique challenges for families. When children deal with physical, cognitive, psychological, and emotional conditions, parents often find themselves confused and frustrated, unsure of the most effective way to parent. My free consultation provides support and resources to help parents make confident parenting decisions to better meet their child's needs and their parenting goals.

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