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Are you frustrated and unsure how to help your special needs child thrive?

Have teachers, and extended family failed to be a source of support?

Do you feel isolated from family and friends who do not understand or relate to your circumstances? Does your child's behavior cause tension and conflict? Are you frustrated and uncertain of what the future holds?

There is H.O.P.E

I HELP families of children with disabilities take OWNERSHIP of their children's future through PRACTICAL PARENTING to produce EXCEPTIONAL results.


“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible." 

~ Christopher Reeve

My commitment to you

Being a parent is one of life's most rewarding experiences, but it can also be one of the most challenging, especially when your child has a disability. As a parent, you want the best for your child, but it can be overwhelming to navigate the complex system of therapy, education, and behavior management. That's where I come in. As a disability consultant, I am committed to helping your family create a system that aligns with your values, needs, and goals so that your child can thrive. It all starts with two essential elements: a parenting plan and an education plan.

First, a parenting plan that provides a roadmap for how you communicate, discipline, advocate, and build a relationship with your child. It allows you to take ownership of your child's future and make informed decisions that best serve their needs.

Second, an education plan that identifies the essential components critical to your child's long-term success, such as independence, financial stability, and civic responsibility. By focusing on these core concepts, your child can develop the skills they need to reach their full potential, both in and out of the classroom.

Together, these plans form the core of the H.O.P.E. format, a proven system that helps families of children with disabilities take ownership of their child's future and achieve exceptional results.

H.O.P.E. Group Coaching Session

4 week virtual program

5 live sessions

Create a parenting plan aligned with your core values

Identify guiding principles for educating your child

Develop long term plan for success

A 1-on-1 follow up session

Ready to create your own parenting plan and education plan. Sign up to be the first to know when H.O.P.E. Group sessions are available. 


“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

~ Alan Lakein, author

Ready to start creating solutions NOW! Let’s Work together!

My goal for our session is for you to be empowered with new tools and skills that build on your strengths and core values, and complement your unique family dynamic. Because every family is different, I take the time to understand the topics you wish to address and any contributing factors. We will then create an organized plan that is tailored to you and your child’s needs.


Coming Soon. The Hope Journal!!

The H.O.P.E. Journal is both a journal and a workbook. It is a tool to help you to:

Think critically about parenting for your unique family dynamic

Create a parenting plan that builds on your strengths and core values

Identify guiding principles for educating your child

Plan and implement a strategy for education

Organize, define, and communicate an actionable IEP strategy

Monitor progress and assess outcomes for continued growth

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